ViDrate New Team Member - Meet Ryan

ViDrate New Team Member - Meet Ryan

It is safe to say that 2021 has started with a bang! So far this year, we have launched two new products (ViDrate Night Time and ViDrate Boost). We have confirmed the launch of another flavour that arrives late June and we are in the final stages of testing one more flavour as we speak!

We are extremely fortunate and thankful, that due to your support and custom – we are able to improve our service and offerings… Which brings us on to Ryan.

Ryan joined the ViDrate team mid-March heading up our fulfillment and operations and has already got off to a flying start.

He is tasked with ensuring that all orders leave our building within 48 working hours and less than 1% of orders have any errors (currently he is working at 99% of orders leaving the same working day AND under 0.25% error rate which is considerably under the industry average!)

As always, we wanted to help you get to know a little more about Ryan – so here is a quickfire Q&A:

Q:  What are your interests?

A: Playing Golf, Spending time with my family, Coaching my sons football team.


Q: Tell us an interesting fact about you?

A: I have an identical twin


Q: What are your goals for this year?

A: Put processes in place to make picking processes more efficient and expand in ViDrate to support my growing family.


Q: What is your favourite ViDrate product?

A: It's pretty much tied between Boost and Strawberry & Lime but I think I am going to have to say Boost!

Strawberry Hydration


Fun Fact: Nick and Ryan actually went to school together – they lost contact a number of years ago and Ryan applied for the role with ViDrate after hearing about the opportunity through another mutual friend and it wasn’t until the interview that they realised they were old acquaintances!

You will be seeing more or Ryan from time to time on our feeds and lives – although most of Ryan’s work will be behind the scenes.

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