ViDrate 'Thermal' Cup for Life
ViDrate 'Thermal' Cup for Life ViDrate 'Thermal' Cup for Life ViDrate 'Thermal' Cup for Life ViDrate 'Thermal' Cup for Life ViDrate 'Thermal' Cup for Life
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ViDrate 'Thermal' Cup for Life


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Welcome to ViDrate, a New World of Hydration!

Product Name: ViDrate 'Thermal' Cup for Life
Product Info: Luxury 500ml Thermal Cup

What is ViDrate?
An enhanced hydration powder with added vitamins & electrolytes made from all natural ingredients, containing zero sugar.

Product Description:
Have you ever wanted to try ViDrate warm? Now we have a 500ml cup designed to maintain the heat, that you can fill up at home and take with you. The bottle has been branded with the ViDrate logo across the top & is currently available in a striking silver colour. Great to use in the office workplace as well.


  • Easy to clean
  • Hand wash only
  • Scratch resistant
  • ViDrate branded
  • Size: 500ml capacity
  • This mug is NOT 100% seal proof, so please be careful if placing in a bag/handbag.

How To Use:
Peel, Pour, Stir...Hydrate!

Carefully add your warm/hot water into the cup, pour the full contents of one ViDrate sachet in (either flavour works) and simply stir until the powder has fully dissolved in the water. Now you have warm ViDrate, and it tastes GREAT! Perfect to get you through those chilly and frosty days!

Then screw the mug's lid on and make sure the mouthpiece is closed. These mugs are NOT 100% seal proof so please be careful when placing in a bag or handbag.