30 Sachets | Fantastic bottle | + FREE T-Shirt!

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ViDrate Supreme Pack
ViDrate Supreme Pack
ViDrate Supreme Pack
ViDrate Supreme Pack
ViDrate Supreme Pack
ViDrate Supreme Pack
ViDrate Supreme Pack
ViDrate Supreme Pack
ViDrate Supreme Pack

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Product Name: ViDrate Supreme 30 Pack Electrolyte Powder
Product Details:
- 30 x Sachets:
      1) Variety Pack made up of Mixed Berry | Tropical | Strawberry & Lime | Lemon Lime & Mint + Mixed Berry Boost + Mixed Berry Night Time OR
      2) 15 Night Time + 15 Boost
- 1 x Bottle
- 1 x T-Shirt 

Delivery Details: Supreme Pack comes with FREE UK Delivery!

Product Description:

Our ViDrate Supreme Pack electrolyte powder comes in a tantalising range of 30 sachets, a fantastic refillable water bottle + a FREE Unisex T-Shirt in a range of sizes worth £19.99! The flavours will consist of Tropical | Mixed Berry | Strawberry & Lime | Lemon, Lime & Mint | Mixed Berry Boost | Mixed Berry Night Time

Our latest range includes ViDrate Boost: our only sachet to include 30mg of caffeine (a small cup of coffee) to help give your body an afternoon kick & ViDrate Night Time - created to help you unwind after a busy day (drink 60-90 minutes before bed). Served hot or cold. Both Boost & Night Time electrolyte powder comes in our Mixed Berry flavour.

The models wearing the T-Shirt in the images are both wearing medium size. The female is 5"6, the male is 5"10. Items are fitted so if in doubt we advise your usual size or the one above to be sure. A Size Guide table is available in the image gallery. 

If you wish to order two or more packs, please specify the other T-Shirt sizes (if they differ) in the notes on checkout.

Just Got Tasty.

Product Benefits & Information




+ Vit C & B12


15 (approx per sachet)



So Many Ways To Hydrate with ViDrate!

Drink me Cool

The best way to drink ViDrate! Suitable for everyone and all age groups. Comes with electrolytes & vitamins + ZERO sugar.

Drink me Warm/Hot

Perfect for those cold and wet days. We recommend a sachet first thing in the morning!

Drink me as a Milkshake

Milk with Mixed Berry, give it a firm mix and you have a GREAT TASTING natural milkshake... Kids love it!

Freeze me!

Ice lollies, ice cubes...the opportunities are endless!

Don't just take our word for it. 2,000+ Reviews and counting...!

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