The ViDrate Vision: Plastic Pioneers!

Plastic Free

We are plastic pioneers; dedicated to developing a sachet that is friendly to the environment! Switching to ViDrate will help save 11kg of plastic, per person, per year!

As well as having a little team of hydration-clever-clogs, we are all passionate about pioneering a healthier & cleaner environment within the world of drinks & packaging. Our sachet currently holds just a tiny 0.4g of plastic per 100g (currently we help save 11kg of plastic per person per annum, based on 1 x 500ml single use plastic per day) but we aren’t stopping there. As we continue to grow in the next 12 months, our packaging will continue to evolve even further. Our '3R's' motto is simple.. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
In 1950, the world’s population of 2.5 billion produced 1.5 million tons of plastic; in 2016, a global population of more than 7 billion people produced over 320 million tons of plastic. This is set to double by 2034! External link
We’ve produced 8.3 billion metric tons of plastics since the 1950s. That’s enough plastic to cover every inch of the UK ankle-deep more than TEN TIMES OVER. 79% ends up in landfill and only 9% is recycled. See illustration below: External link
Each year more than 300 million tons of plastic are produced globally, and 10 per cent will end up in the sea. External link
Everything you have been told about plastic is wrong, the answer isn't recycling! External link
 Oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050! External link 
Refill sites now over 14,000 stations! 85% of the British public are worried about the impact of plastic pollution. 80% of people surveyed this month now use a reusable water bottle, at least sometimes, when outside the home. 44% of people using a reusable bottle have made the switch in the last 2 years and 18% have switched in the last year. External link
London set to install hundred of new and free water fountains to cut plastic. External link