Why ViDrate


We believe in providing natural healthy hydration so you can live life feeling fantastic. 

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*Source: The Telegraph

ViDrate is designed to help you drink more water every day. ViDrate comes in two fantastic flavours and is made in the UK.

What will ViDrate do for you?

  • Water is great but doesn't always quench your thirst, ViDrate helps make it taste that much better and comes with a lot more goodness your body needs!

  • ViDrate replenishes electrolytes & minerals used during the day, especially after exercise. Even after a normal '9-5' working day in the office you still need to recover.

  • ViDrate comes with added vitamins and electrolytes.

  • ViDrate contains no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners (sweetened naturally with Stevia).

  • ViDrate contains only natural ingredients

  • ViDrate is suitable for vegans & vegetarians and is gluten free! 

  • So simple to use:

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