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Water is AMAZING for our bodies...
but do you drink enough of it?

ViDrate is full of Vitamin C, B12 & Electrolytes to help you when you are 'on the go' or even if you are feeling just a bit 'urghh' and help boost your immune system.

We know drinking water isn't always the easiest, that's why we have created ViDrate, an easy way of helping you to reach the recommended daily amount of water intake.

Based on 700+ Reviews

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"Great way to keep the body hydrated, get your water intake, especially if like me you don't really like water. This tastes great and is good for you. Good for all the family"

Jayne H

"Tastes amazing. I have 1 everyday and feel good! Perfect for anyone who can’t drink normal water! Will be subscribing! Thank you!"

Ellie M-L

"Surprisingly super nice and great product. I definitely going to buy more and use it every day."


"Tastes great with warm water in the morning, helps to keep me hydrated!"

Mark R

"Fantastic product! I've been using ViDrate for over 6 months now and it has become a part of my daily routine to kick start my day."

Justin P