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The choice is all up to you! Which flavour you want, how many you would like, when would you like them delivered on repeat. You can even save up to a huge £36 a month!

Subscription is quick, convenient and delivered to your front door. Variety Pack does not include ViDrate Boost or Night Time. Boost & Night Time are available on subscription as a full 30 pack. 

You can pause/skip anytime after 14 days of your first purchase. We want to make hydration easy for you! PayPal is available with subscription. 

Easy and convenient to use

Struggle to drink enough water? ViDrate can help with SIX tasty flavours inside!

Boost your immune system with the added vitamins

ViDrate Boost - our first and only sachet that comes with Caffeine (30mg)

ViDrate Night Time - designed to help you unwind after a busy day


1. Begin your new hydration!

Your tasty sachets will arrive to your front door in a fully branded ViDrate box. You just have to pick your flavour choice & pack size. This will be the start of your improved daily hydration.

2. Auto Renew

Your subscription will automatically renew. No extra work is required from you from here on in, simply enjoy your hydration.

3. Account Management

On first purchase, you will receive an account activation email to make future changes if you wish. Here you can edit your box size, choose flavours and set delivery dates.

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+ Vit C & B12





Don't just take our word for it... 2,000+ reviews and counting!

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Water is AMAZING for our bodies... but do you drink enough of it?

ViDrate is full of Vitamin C, B12 & Electrolytes to help you when you are 'on the go' or even if you are feeling just a bit 'urghh' and help boost your immune system.

We know drinking water isn't always the easiest, that's why we have created ViDrate, an easy way of helping you to reach the recommended daily amount of water intake.

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I love it! Such a great idea and tastes GREAT!
- Michelle, ViDrate Customer