About ViDrate

 ViDrate was born from over ten years of our team working in the drinks industry, helping to constantly innovate in health, sustainability, taste and design. We noticed there were three fundamental changes in the market and our customer’s lifestyles that required more attention.

Greatly reducing/eliminating sugar & and artificial sweeteners

    As our customers have become more and more conscious of sugars and artificial sweeteners in their drinks, we feel it is our responsibility to support them in this lifestyle change they are trying to achieve. There is still a long way to go in further education consumers on their choice of drinks and optimised hydration; This lifestyle change for all ages groups, is our on going mission.

    Plastic - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

      We are on the verge of a plastic revolution and ViDrate is pioneering this movement in the world of drinks. Though we are currently only using the tiniest 0.4g of plastic in our packaging, soon we aim to offer an even greater, environmentally friendly product.

      People are now using their own bottles

        Our foresight of sustainability doesn’t stop there: You may have noticed whether at work, school, university, on the go, seeing friends, or down the gym, people are now using their own bottles. This is a big movement towards a further sustainable approach to suitable packaging strategy. Added to this, water fountains are now popping up in more an more places, providing free drinking water to the public. ViDrate is leveraging these changes to help people achieve not only a healthier lifestyle, but a reduced carbon footprint by using their own bottle (saving almost 11kg of plastic waste per person, per annum - based on 1 x 500ml single use plastic bottle per day). Click here for more information/stats about plastic.
        Simply put, ViDrate has created A New World of Hydration.
        Made and manufactured in the UK.