Who uses ViDrate & the Benefits

Dehydration is one of the leading causes of fatigue. So whether you’re too tired to work out, having trouble focusing at work, or just feel blah, rehydrating is the smart first step for feeling reenergised.

ViDrate is for everyone, from helping to hydrate more to enjoying the taste of water. We have listed some of the key benefits for many life situations below: 

The Office Worker / Everyday Life

  • Handy and convenient.
  • There is only so much tea and coffee that you can drink in a day! 
  • Refreshingly tasty to help get you through the day! 
  • Why not try it in a cup of warm water whilst sat at your desk?

The Busy Parents

  • ViDrate is great for on the go, busy people!
  • You can give them to your kids too.
  • Easy to quickly throw in your backpack or handbag to use later on and get on with your day! 

The Kids

  • ViDrate contains zero sugar so you needn't worry about them getting a 'sugar kick'!
  • ViDrate will help them get the daily amount of fluids they need!
  • Great alternative to other children aimed drinks - ViDrate contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners so you can be assured that when they drink ViDrate, they are drinking a very healthy drink!
  • ViDrate has zero caffeine.

The Gym Goer

  • The added vitamins and electrolytes will replace what you lose through sweat.
  • Contains no caffeine so you won't get the sudden energy release like other caffeinated drinks - just great (and useful) hydration.
  • Keep drinking your water when you go, why not just add ViDrate to improve the taste amongst the other added benefits?
  • Each sachet is less than 15 calories and contains zero sugar...so all that hard work burning fat won't go to waste when you consume ViDrate.

The Traveller

  • The sachets are designed to be 'on the go' just like any traveller!
  • The sachet are very light, so you can pack plenty for the journey and they won't hold you down or take up too much space.
  • Handy and convenient.
  • Perfect solution for long journeys if you are in the car too!

The Grandparents

  • ViDrate will help them get the daily amount of fluids they need!
  • The added minerals and electrolytes are just what their bodies are looking for.
  • Teas and coffees are great, but they don't contains the nutrients the body requires.

The Students

  • Studies have shown that students (and people in general!) are much more productive and able to learn when hydrated.
  • Great alternative to sugary and caffeinated drinks.
  • Buy a ViDrate pack for home and bring in a sachet each day into uni/class.. ViDrate will help save you money and keep you hydrated! 

    The 'Fuzzy Heads'

    • After a late night, your body is craving minerals and electrolytes to enhance your hydration
    • Water is great (and keep drinking it!) but add a ViDrate sachet and it will make getting hydrated that much easier!